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Why You Should Avoid PVC

Over the past few decades, Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) plastic has become widely used in packaging, building materials and the fencing industry. It’s advantages are that it is highly versatile and relatively inexpensive. But the price we pay for a low-cost fence is far steeper than it may first appear. The Chlorine in PVC, produce Dioxins which are known to be the most toxic chemical ever produced. These Dioxins are released (outgassing) while being manufactured and throughout the life of the product, destroying the ozone, entering into the food and water chain. These chemicals are linked to infertility, impaired childhood development, cancer and many other harmful effects. Few consumers realize the PVC is the single most environmentally damaging of all plastics.The alternative to this dangerous material is our material, HDPE recycled plastic which is produced from discarded milk and detergent containers. HDPE is benign to the environment.