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Fencing Technology

A strong, maintenance-free fencing solution built to withstand the elements and made from 100% recycled HDPE material.

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The Urban Design Difference

Superior to
Wood, PVC and Concrete

Our material retains it’s appearance while others rot, crack or deteriorate quickly.

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Cost Savings

Wood, concrete and PVC fencing needs to be replaced every 5-10 year, our fencing is built to last generations

50 Year Warranty

We guarantee our fencing with a 50-year warranty, no other material can come close to our longevity.

Superior Technology

The core strength of our rail-fencing comes from the Marine (Bridge & Pier systems) market. All of our fencing products are supported by ASTM testing.

Our Mission

Maintenance Free,
Solid Core Fencing

Urban Design Fencing® is made from recycled HDPE (High - Density Polyethylene) plastic and is both extremely strong and aesthetically pleasing. Unlike wood, concrete, and PVC that needs to be replaced every 5-10 years, our material is a multi-generational product formulated to withstand extreme weather conditions and temperature fluctuations.

Our systems require little to no maintenance, are easy to install and come with a 50 year warranty. Find the perfect fence with numerous panels, colors, and custom options to choose from like our fiberglass polymer rebar for structural applications.

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Solid Core HDPE Technology

Fencing has traditionally been made out of wood and more recently PVC. See why Urban Design Fencing is a cut above the rest.

Lasting DurabilityYesFading issuesNoNoNo
Ease of installationYesExtensive material listYesExtensive material listHeavy to work with
Commercial Warranty50 Year Limited0-5 yearsNone0-7 YearsNone
Strength of FenceSolid Core StrengthHollow MaterialGoodHollow MaterialInitially strong, then weakens
Color OptionsWide RangeLimitedNeeds stain or paintVery limitedVery limited
Continued BeautyYesFadesNoNoNo
Low MaintenanceYesFading issuesNoInitiallyInitially
Environmentally Friendly89% recycled50% recycledNoHazardous to the environmentNo

Our HDPE plastic lumber can also qualify for the points in the LEED Certification Program, led by the USGBC. This program helps support companies who participate in sustainability initiatives. Points are awarded for meeting specific requirements; one being recycled material content.